ORiENTAL BREEZE's natural products

ORiENTAL BREEZE's natural oil & solid perfume is made from Indian traditional attar oils, and essential oils. 
Attar oils are the extracts of flowers, herbs, leaves, and diffesent woods. It is 100% nonalcoholic  and  natural perfumes .  
It has relaxing. uplifting or soothing effect. Enjoy natural exotic aroma, 
they will gently protects your aura. 


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Natural Oil Perfume

Blend Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Roll On

  Healing Balm 

Aromatherapy Body Butter


How to make an order

Please email the items you would like to order by email along with 
your name,
phone number,
delivery address
to us
Then we will email you total amount and payment method.
As soon as we receive your payment, we will process dispatching your item.
We accept paypal and bank transfer. 

Payment and shipping 

We accept bank deposit and paypal.
Our paypal accout is: 
Once we receive the order, we will email you with the total cost and payment method.
We will send the goods to you after we receive the payment.
Your item will take 2 to 3 days for New Zealand domestic, and up to 10 days for international to arrive.