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ORiENTAL BREEZE's natural oil & solid perfume is made from Indian traditional attar oils, and essential oils. 
Attar oils are the extracts of flowers, herbs, leaves, and diffesent woods. It is 100% nonalcoholic  and  natural perfumes .  
It has relaxing. uplifting or aphrodisiac effect. and natural exotic aroma, 
and gently protects your aura. 

Natural Indian Oil Perfume

Natural Indian Solid Perfume

Aromatherapy massage oils

Aromatherapy solid perfume

Natural Lip Oil

Aromatherapy Hair Oil

Natural Facial Mask

Herb Teas

Bottles & Containers


Custom Made Essential Oils/Creams

Essential oils are the life force, the essence of a plant and are powerful natural medicines that...

価格: 3,500円